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Friendly Care Chemmart Pharmacy, a not for profit organisation, has been providing a competitive range of products and services to its members and the community in general for more than 125 years.

Originally established in Hobart in 1883 to cater for the needs of Friendly Society Lodge Members, Hobart Friendly Society have proudly continued down that path to this day.

Friendly Societies originated in local communities in England as voluntary associations for mutual aid and were an important precursor to present day medical benefit funds. Friendly Care Chemmart Pharmacy is governed by a Board of Directors, and supported by a staff of 45.

For a small annual fee (currently $5) members enjoy an all year around 15% discount on over the counter lines, as well as significant assistance in defraying the cost of those doctors prescriptions which are not covered by the Federal Governments Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

Friendly Care Chemmart Pharmacy is a genuine community focused not for profit organisation and no part of any surplus is returned to members by way of dividend.

In addition to providing members with significant discounts, a proportion of the profits each year is allocated to local charities, including Camp Quality, ADARDS, Save the Children, Australian Red Cross and AURORA Disability Services.

The Friendly Society philosophy established well over 150 years ago is enshrined in the current Hobart Friendly Care Pharmacy Vision and Statement of purpose. This is to be a successful achieving organisation, providing an improved, diverse and competitive range of products and services to members and the community in general.

All staff understand and are committed to the principals under pinning our vision and statement of purpose, and play their part in assisting members and the public generally when attending the pharmacies. Staff members are also extremely proud that both pharmacies are fully accredited under the quality Care Pharmacy Program which in no small way is attributed to their commitment.

As far as the future is concerned the Friendly Society Board regularly considers the requirements of members, and their requests to establish pharmacies in other districts and are committed to evaluate any appropriate business opportunity that may arise from time to time.

Membership application forms are available at either the Hobart of Moonah pharmacies, however it must be remembered that non-members are just as welcome in the pharmacies as members. The service is exactly the same, the only difference is that non-members miss out on the attractive discounts.

A not for profit orgainsation serving its members and the community for more than 125 years in Hobart says a lot.