Join the Family

The present SUBSCRIPTION (payable in advance) is $5.00 per annum or approximately 10 cents per week. The Board of Directors, however, does have the power to vary this subscription.

(a) Application for membership will be processed by a Membership Committee. Following acceptance, a membership card will be issued confirming membership and recording certain relevant particulars in respect of that member and any dependants.

(b) Upon issue, each member should sign the membership card, thereby preventing possible misuse if the card becomes lost.

(c) Membership cards MUST BE PRESENTED before commencing any transaction at either of our pharmacies.

(d) If a membership card is lost a new one can be obtained from either pharmacy for a nominal fee.

(a) Substantial discounts on doctors' prescriptions NOT COVERED by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. In addition, discounts are offered on Government 'listed' items where the cost of those items remains under the official Patient Contribution. It must be noted that when the Patient Contribution figure is reached the National Health Act prevents discounting.

(b) Except for 'Specials' all goods sold over the counter are at prices which incorporate a discount of up to 15% off the recommended retail price.

(c) Discounts to dependants of members who are
(1) Spouse/Partner of the member.
(2) All children of the member under 18 years of age.
(3) Student children of the the member under 25 years of age.

(d) There is no annual monetary limit on the member or his/her dependants.

By showing your membership card you are also entitled to benefits from pharmacies in other states who are affiliated with the Australian Friendly Societies' Pharmacies Association Inc.

Although benefits may vary slightly, your membership entitles you to take advantage of all the benefits of The Friendly Pharmacies.